World Leading Medical Ecosystem based on Blockchain and AI

What is MIoT?

MIoT is initiated by Guilin Medical Group in collaboration with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, COOS and Blocker.AI Lab.

MIoT is a consortium blockchain based on the Blockchainless architecture which combines the technologies of Big Data, AI, IoT and Blockchain with innovative and practical industrial solutions to accelerate development of a wide range of areas, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, healthcare insurance, pension, insurance, finance, education, scientific research, logistics, law, and government etc.

MIoT Advantages

MIoT is supported by the governments of Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, etc., gathers the best R&D forces in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guilin, and the participating members are from various industries such as government, medicine, healthcare, universities, and technology companies.

MIoT is China's first Medical-Blockchain project in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, which has obtained science and technology funding and will be settled in Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Plaza.

MIoT is China's first Medical Chain based on IoT and Consortium Blockchain, and has been listed as the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s key research project and has applied for the support of the Hong Kong Government ITF Fund.

Why Create MIoT?
  • Two-Invoice System to Encourage New Model of Medicine Distribution

    The Two-Invoice System aims to reduce medicine prices and corruption that can occur in lengthy distribution chains between the manufacturer and the hospital. The notice states that the policy is to “regulate the order of medicine distribution, reduce distribution links, and lower the unreasonably high medicine prices” and strengthen the regulation of the pharmaceutical market.”

  • Government Speeds up Construction of "Internet + Healthcare"

    At China's 2018 two sessions, it states China will increase role of technology in supporting economic development, especially in AI and Big Data. China will increase internet penetration by improving high-speed internet infrastructure and lowering costs, as well as integrating ‘Internet+’ into medicine, elderly care.

Market Size
China's pharmaceutical terminal market sales volume in the first half of 2017
  • Achieved 803.7 billion
  • An increase of7.8%year on year

According to the data from 2017 China Pharmaceutical Market Development Blue Book, China's pharmaceutical terminal market sales volume was 1497.5 billion Yuan in 2016, an increase of 8.3% year on year and 803.7 billion Yuan in the first half of 2017, an increase of 7.8% year on year.

Sales forecast of healthcare manufacturing in 2017~2023

With the sustained development of China's economy, the growing attention on the health has been continuously increasing, and the demand on healthcare products has also gradually expanded. It is expected that by 2023, China's sales revenue on healthcare manufacturing will reach 5.27 trillion yuan.

Core Value
MIoT Multi-layer Architecture
  • Instant Data Sharing,Instant Device Sharing,Data Bank
  • Hardware Layer
  • MIoT Hardware Interface Layer
  • MIoT Off-Chain Layer
  • MIoT Smart Contract Layer
  • MIoT Chain
Healthcare Data Sharing and Trading

MIoT enables the sharing of IoT data assets and protection of privacy by adopting multiple authorizations of nodes, isolation of access and ownership, and data sharing protocols, so that everyone can participate in the sharing of massive IoT data. While contributing to technology advancement, it provides the users additional revenue per the contribution.

COOS Data Sharing And Trading
COOS Data Sharing Protocols
Industry Pain Points

Healthcare-related Research Institution

Current Medicine development process is complex, and costly very difficult to obtain medicine research data lack of protection on healthcare data hard to safeguard legal rights when disputes occur shortage of data would largely increase investment risks on pharmaceutical projects.


The Rate of Misdiagnosis is High;Medical Disputes Occur From Time to Time, The Responsibility for Medical Accidents is Difficult to Trace, And the Circulation of Counterfeit Crugs is Cifficult to Supervise.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Suppliers

Manufacturers cannot meet market demand due to the shortage of marketing information with huge financial stress and intensified competition, the healthcare industry is facing a major marketing dilemma

3rd Party for the Financial Organization

High cost of credit protection

Health Regulatory Authority

Difficult to monitor the epidemic situation of infectious diseases government lacks an integrated platform and data pool to achieve effective public governance

Healthcare Regulatory Authorit

The Rate of Misdiagnosis is High;Medical Disputes Occur From Time to Time, The Responsibility for Medical Accidents is Difficult to Trace, And the Circulation of Counterfeit Crugs is Cifficult to Supervise.
MIoT Data Collection
Data Access Mechanism
  • Drug Electronic Code

  • Government

  • Pharmaceutical Factory

  • Pharmacy

  • Hospital & Clinic

  • Healthcare Company

  • Legal Institution

  • Consumers

  • Financial Institution

  • Education Institution

Technical Specification

MIoT is an IoT infrastructure platform and data assets sharing platform based on Blockchain 3.0 and AI. Enterprises and individual users without any programming skills can leverage MIoT to rapidly build robust IoT systems and data asset sharing platforms based on Edge Computing, Mesh Network, and Big Data analytics and so on.

  • 1M+TPS

  • Ratio of Empty Blocks

  • Block Generation Rate in Milliseconds

  • 0 Transaction Fee

  • Smart Contracts

  • Node Authorization

  • Encryption API

  • Privacy Protection Mechanism

  • Storage Encryption

  • HoneyBldgerBFT Protocol

  • Failover Mechanism

  • Instant Data Sharing

Use Cases
  • Healthcare Service

  • Healthcare Industry

  • Financial Industry

  • IoT Industry